Dog Kennel (Bed) Stabilizer 1l
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Dog Kennel (Bed) Stabilizer 1l

Green XL Dog Kennel (Bed) stabilizer is a highly concentrated biodegradable, nebulizable fluid enriched with probiotics. Green XL Dog Kennel sleeping stabilizer extends the effect of the dog sleeping cleaner.  After dilution, the product can be applied to the sleeping area and the room.

• Increases the cleaning effect of the Green Dog Bed Cleaner XL
• Elimination and prevention of unpleasant odors
• Introduction of safe and healthy microflora on the surfaces
Dog Kennel (Bed) Stabilizer 1l € 17,80
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  • Combats pathogenic bacteria
  • Probiotics are harmless
  • Products always evolving
  • Fast delivery in Europe
  • International approved product
  • Expert advice
  • Recognized in Probiotics Industry
  • 45 years experience in equestrian sport