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Columbus Green

Columbus GreenXL Horse product is a bacteria killer fully on probiotic base.

Columbus PHE has been active in the equine industry for more than 20 years and delivers as well as assembles many different products for equestrian facilities. Those products are supposed to not only make the life of riders but also of their horses easier and more comfortable. We cover all equestrian areas from fences for horses through arena surfaces, horse solariums, wellnessandtraining equipment to further equestrian facility equipment. Due to this unique and vast assortment you can easily upgrade your equestrian facility and get everything you need from one source.

Now we have expanded our product range with a unique product range.
Columbus GreenXL Horse: a bacteria killer fully on probiotic base.

GreenXL-Horse products are based on microbial management, the goal is no longer a completely sterile environment, but a stable and healthy microbial community that is created. This can be achieved with the aid of probiotic microorganisms. These are safe and useful bacteria that are used in and by the food industry and health care for years. GreenXL-Horse Cleaners are not disinfectants, but probiotic cleaning products.

Our GreenXL range:

  • Horse Stable Cleaner
  • Horse Stable Stabiliser
  • Horse Leg Cleaner
  • Horse Universel Cleaner
  • Horse Shampoo

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  • Combats pathogenic bacteria
  • Probiotics are harmless
  • Products always evolving
  • Fast delivery in Europe
  • International approved product
  • Expert advice
  • Recognized in Probiotics Industry
  • 45 years experience in equestrian sport