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About GreenXL Probiotic

GreenXL-Horse-Products are based on microbial Management, wherein the goal is no longer a completely sterile environment, but a stable and healthy microbial community is created. This can be achieved with the aid of probiotic microorganisms. These are safe and useful bacteria, will be used in and of the food industry and health care for years.  GreenXL-Horse cleaners are not disinfectants, but probiotic cleaning products.
1 Million cleaner for the price of one!
Is that possible? Yes that is possible! That is the added value of probiotic cleaning products. Probiotic cleaning products work like conventional purification techniques: It removes visible dirt. There is an important difference: Possible pathogens such as fungi and harmful bacteria disappear. By removal of the culture medium for these pathogens, will reduce the number of bad bacteria and mold. Moreover, the product is safe and sustainable. The base consists of good bacteria and water and therefore this is the most environmentally friendly product, which is available for the professional market. The stable or horsebox are the places where most of the horses, spend a minimum of 12 hours per day of there time. The stable is the ideal place for bad bacteria and to multiply. In addition, by horse manure, the dirt of the horses and feed residues provides the stable is an ideal place for bacterial growth. In addition, several commonly used cleaning agents for the care of horses and their blankets. These products are a food source for harmful bacteria. Detergent with probiotics have been extensively tested in animal husbandry and are approved for use. For example, for the cleaning of stables for horses, cows or pigs. In these stables pathogenic bacteria create health problems. The solution to this problem has been carried out by the application of strong disinfectants and antibiotics. After decades the most dangerous pathogens were resistant to these medicaments, whereby the cattle were Wore sick. Meanwhile has proven from scientific research, the probiotic cleaners of GreenXL-Horse are able to keep the stables clean and the herd remains healthy. To clean the stable there are GreenXL-stable cleaner. This product is a long time after use, by the activity of probiotics in the production, active. In order to support the action of the barn cleaner and to further extend, it is advisable to use the GreenXL-stable stabilizer.
Green XL horse strengthens the immune system of the horse from the outside:
If the horse has a disturbed microflora, can be expressed by a mold infection, patches, crusts or scale. Scurf and chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL) thus have the chance to spread and to cause wounds, itching and Irrtiationen the horse leg. Through the regular use of detergents and shampoos on the horse, and the use of medicaments may lead to a disturbed microflora. In order to restore the natural balance reproduces GreenXL-Horse shampoo. For horses with cracked heels and Chronic Progressive Lymphoedema use the GreenXL-Horse-leg cleaner. Bridles, saddles, blankets and brush the horse are often not directly related with skin problems of the horse. However, they play a major role in solving the problem: they are carriers of bad bacteria and food sources for bacteria too. Specially for this, there is the Green-Horse Cap cleaner. This product was developed in the first place for the cleaning and care for your back. The product has shown that it has other uses and can be applied carelessly for bridles, saddles, blankets and brushes. *

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Biotica?
Probiotics are safe and good bacteria that have a beneficial effect on the health of humans and animals and also are still good for the environment.
What's probiotic cleaning?
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria to humans and animals that can now be set by an innovative technical development in safe cleaners. Like most current Cleaner effectively removes visible dirt. But by applying the good bacteria go a step further and also reduce significantly the effects of harmful bacteria. Thereby they are completely harmless to the environment, the probiotic cleaners cleaned much more thoroughly.
The fact that the beneficial bacteria remain, the action does not stop after cleaning. Probiotic cleaning works longer and ensures that the risk of new harmful bacteria and fungi will be greatly reduced.
How does GreenXL work?
All surfaces that are treated with a product of Green XL, obtain a layer with good bacteria. The bacteria form a stable microbiological environment. This means that the bacteria do not disappear but remain to clean up the dirt. Thus, the breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria is eliminated. The good bacteria remain active for several days.
Probiotica Probiotics eat dirt and thus the breeding ground for pathogens disappear.
Are Green XL products are safe for humans and animals?
All Green XL products are completely safe to use, by and near humans and animals. Protective clothing is not required.
What are the consequences of an "overdose"?
An over-concentration of a product Green XL provides for a higher number of good Green XL bacteria on the surface to be treated. This will only lead to a stronger and longer-lasting favorable effect.
What is the shelf life of products?
The products are stable after opening 2 years, when stored between 10 and 30 degrees. Direct sunlight should be avoided.
 Products Were the Green XL products tested?
Detergent with probiotics have been extensively tested in animal husbandry and are approved for use. For example, for the cleaning of stables for horses, cows or pigs. In these stables pathogenic bacteria create health problems and the solution to this problem has been sought in strong disinfectants and antibiotics. After decades of use, the most dangerous pathogens are resistant to these medicaments, with the result that the cattle became increasingly ill. GreenXL is no disinfectant, and is not responsible for the resistance against bacteria, but GreenXL improves the immunity of the animals.
Were also scientific investigations of Green XL products made after use?
Meanwhile been demonstrated by scientific research that the probiotic cleaners Green XL keep stables clean, so that the animals stay healthy. What is successful in animal husbandry, you can also use for your pets at home.
The following studies were carried out:
• Green XL-products were examined and approved by an external accredited laboratory in the field of  skin sensitivity, oral toxicity and eye irritation.
• In addition, there have been studies about the safety of the Green XL products in the United States and Canada. Green XL products are as Biosafety Level 1 (which is very good) classified. It was also found that the bacteria in Green XL products of natural origin and are not genetically modified.
• There are scientific studies on the performance of Green XL, among others, of the University of  Ghent (Lokeren hospital). The research results were positive. Moreover, similar studies in Italy, the  US and England were performed. The reports from these countries were all positive.
You have a horse with scurf, a horse that scrubs or maybe a horse with a bad / flaky skin? Green-Horse can provide the solution: an environmentally friendly product that is safe for humans and animals to 100%. GreenXL-Horse is a cleaning agent based on probiotics. Since many skin problems in horses are caused by bad bacteria to GreenXL-Horse products aimed at combating it. GreenXL-Horse-products ensure that the bad bacteria have no chance. GreenXL makes this, in which the slaughter of bacteria the food is removed and when they have no food, they can evolve either.
  • Combats pathogenic bacteria
  • Probiotics are harmless
  • Products always evolving
  • Fast delivery in Europe
  • International approved product
  • Expert advice
  • Recognized in Probiotics Industry
  • 45 years experience in equestrian sport